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About Magee Farms:

We are a fifth generation farm that has been in farming for 150 years. We as a family and business take great pride in our farming practices as well as the quality of our produce. We grow a wide variety of produce both fruits and vegetables all NON-GMO. We utilize traditional farming styles, which means we are not organic. As the years have been gone by, we have grown our operation from 15 tilled acres to over 1300 acres and have grown from a small lumber/produce farm to a large produce wholesale/retail operation. Our hope is that you will partake in our CSA and as such a part of our farming family. 

What is a CSA farm share?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), A farm Share or partnership is a simple idea in which in theory a Member buys a “share” of a farmer’s harvest at the beginning of a growing season. It’s a partnership between a community and a farmer and creates a direct famer-to-table relationship. 

What A Farm Share Program Is All About:
As a member you provide a pre-season investment in a share of the upcoming produce season. By doing so you share in the risks and rewards of farming. The money investment is used for seeds, equipment, labor and harvesting of the upcoming crops. Iln return the member receives weekly portions of the produce. The spring/summer season is 18 weeks that runs from May 9th through the September 5th. We also offer a fall membership share that will run from September 21st through mid November 2nd.

Why many families choose to invest in a share of our harvest:

•    Many folks just want to experience truly fresh food and have an appetite for a variety not often available at the local supermarket. 
•    Many join for their health. Simply visiting the farm can be a stress relief, eating food that is natural and ripe has it’s many benefits.
•    The concept of supporting local farms is important to the community’s rural character.
•    To some families it’s about interacting with nature, visiting the farm and experiencing life on the farm and helping children learn how their food is grown. 
•    For some it’s about reducing the amount of food miles your food travels.
•    The benefit of eating healthy, great tasting fruits and vegetables that are hand selected for ripeness and quality by harvesting them at the peak of ripeness. 
•    Weekly CSA newsletter that will contain updates from the farm including produce availability, recipes, fun agriculture facts and produce storage and safe food handling.
•    Connect with your food. Learn more about your food source and the local growing season. 
•    Freeze and store your own food for the winter. 
•    Keep your food dollar within your local economy supporting local agriculture. 

How it works:
Once per week on a predetermined day you will come to one of our two produce stands or farm locations and with the reusable bag provided for you as part of your membership, you will pick out your produce. You will be given a list via email the Sunday before, letting you know what your share will be for that week. In order to avoid any confusion and to provide enough for all to have an equal share and regular selection, the choice on what you will receive in regards to quantity and selection is at our soul discretion and based on the availability of the produce that particular week. No substitutions will be permitted. You can trade with other CSA members, but that will be up to you to arrange. The produce that will be provided for your selection will reflect what is in season locally during that time. While there is not much that we don’t grow on our own, we may on occasion partner up with other local farmers on items we don’t produce to supplement your weekly selections. 

Membership benefits: 

  • Weekly CSA eNewsletters
  • Add on options
  • Farm recipies and tips
  • A CSA members only reception (sometime in Early September) **Spring/Summer membership only**
  • CSA reusable box

This year Magee Farms is only having  one share option. This allows us to provide generous portions on a weekly bases.

Our share option:

You will receive a weekly share of produce for 18 weeks for our Spring/Summer program and 9 weeks for our Fall program(approximately a bushel box worth). This is ideal for most families of average size. from 2-6 people depending on your use of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. It can also be ideal for those that are interested in freezing or storing your produce for the winter months. This is also idea for those that utilize a lot of fruits and vegetables into their every day life through juicing etc. 


What other options do we offer? 
We will also offer the ability for add-ons to your share options. This will include local Honey, jams and jellies, strawberry products and ciders. If you wish to add any of these onto your orders, they will come at a 5% discount from our usual stand/wholesale price. 

How to pay:

We will offer two payment options:

  • Payment in full. By choosing this options you will automatically receive a 5% discount. (this only includes our Full memberships). To recieve the 5% discount you must sign up by September 1st. **Applies only to Spring/Summer Memberships.
  • Payment in two installments. First half paid at registration and the second portion paid 30 days later via Auto-payment.
  • We offer two payment methods on both full and half memberships.

18 weeks at $24 ($ 432 season) per week full share option.


Fall share options is September-the beginning of November..
9 weeks at $24 ($216 season) per week for half share option.

Sign up fro Fall Membership MUST be done by September 12th.

We accept CASH, visa, MasterCard, or debt card cards, checks. Paypal via Farmigo is what we use for our primary payment source (can be found on our webpage). Payments are non-refundable. Payments made in installments will automatically deducted upon sign up and again within 30 days of initial payment and you will receive a statement via Email. 

In the event that you can’t pick up your weekly share, we strongly suggest that you have someone to pick it up for you. We also ask that you let us know ahead of time, via phone call or email whom you have selected to so this so we can have them added to our list. If you are unable to come and or unable to find anyone to come for you, your portion will be donated to the local food pantry.

We All Share the Risks:
There is an important concept that is a major part of what makes this work. We as farmers and members understand that with farming as in any agriculture there are risks involved. By becoming a member, you too take part in those risks. When you invest in our farm, we commit to do our best at providing for you an abundance of fresh, ripe produce each week. However, as farmers, we understand that we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature. As a member, your understand about this is a vital part of the CSA program. Natural disasters, unfavorable weather (heat, dryness, excessive rains) can take a heavy toll on our crops production and may at times cause a total loss in a particular crop item. In the case of such an event, we ask for your understanding and patience as we may be able to do a second planting of a particular vegetable or we may not. In this we will share in the disappointment together.  We however, commit to making every effort to provide for you an alternative if at all possible as we feel a great sense of responsibility to our members. 

*We are at liberty to make changes to this agreement at any time as may be needed to accomidate our buisness.*

**Please note that any CSA share not picked-up on our designated day will be donated. No EXCEPTIONS**

Our Two pick up locations are:

34857 Lighthouse RD       or             33761 Wescoats Rd
                Selbyville, De 19975                          Lewes, De 19958

Pick up times will be every Wednesdays from 10am-6pm at both locations

For more information, please contact:
Phone: 1-302-524-8128
Email: [email protected]


CSA for theSpring/Summer Program is now closed.




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