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We have grown strawberries for 25 years. We are the longest grower in the state. On May 13th, 2010, strawberries became the state fruit. Back in the early 1900s, strawberries were king in the Selbyville area.

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What is Strawberry Season?

Strawberry Season is short. It runs from the first of May to the middle of June. So don't put picking off!

Do I need to bring my own container to pick strawberries?

Due to Food safety concernes, you are unable to use your own containers in the fields any more. We understand that this is a new standard, but in order for us to maintain compliance, we have to ask you not to use your own containers. We will provide a container for you. 

How do you sell the strawberries?

We sell the strawberries that you pick by the pound. If they are already picked, we sell them by the quart.

What are the hours for your U-Pick locations?

Our hours are 8AM to 6PM every day weather pemitting. 

Where are your U-Pick locations for strawberries?

We have two locations in Delaware (Selbyville and Lewes) and one in Ocean Pines, Maryland

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